Build your augmented reality applications with high precision camera localization functionalities, working in extreme conditions. Identify pre-recorded objects and get the exact position and orientation of the camera relative to the objects in real-time. Also build your target tracking applications. Identify pre-recorded targets or select them dynamically in your camera stream. Download Rox AR SDK brochure here.
Augmented Reality
Camera localization for augmented reality on a mobile device
Tracking robustness
Target tracking with strong robustness to lightning conditions

Aerial tracking
Target tracking for aerial surveillance applications
Robot control
Camera localization for autonomous vehicle tracking applications
Rox AR SDK features
> Objects identification with reference images
> Real time 3D localization of a camera
> Real time objects localization in the image
> Fusion between vision and inertial sensors
> C# wrapper for integration with Unity3D
Rox AR SDK applications
> Augmented reality
> Robot control
> Localization in the 3D space
> Surveillance, alerts
Our software solutions are designed to bring innovation to your customers and add value to your business. Our customers use our products for the following applications, where precision and robustness of the localization are key criteria for the success of their business cases.
Surveillance, Observation
Detect and track fixed or moving targets efficiently with a fixed or mobile camera in extreme conditions, in visible and infrared ranges, or with any other vision sensor.
Augmented Reality
Display virtual information on top of real images and objects in live with high precision and robustness for maintenance, marketing or tourism applications.
Get your robot navigate automatically in a controlled environment or in an unkown environment. Build 2D or 3D maps of the environment and replay trajectories.
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